by Kate Fletcher

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released January 1, 2016

All composition, instruments and field recordings by Kate Fletcher except samples on "The Gospel" and "Fallen Cities".
Photo on artwork by Patrice Normand. Recorded live at home on a zoom H4N (+ 2 oktava overheads).



all rights reserved


Kate Fletcher France

Intimate recordings & borrowed samples

Cello, harmonium,
anything else I can get my hands on, on the day.


Prepared, improvised,

Orlando refers to Virginia Woolf's character who is given the chance to live more than one life.

Orlando is firstly a solo project but is imagined as a starting point for an ensemble of duos.
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Track Name: Fallen cities (live)
These things
fell on our heads.
no longer there,
Habibi ! you said
Meri pyaari ! you said
Track Name: What? + Into the wind (live)
What ?

On that day a dent just for me
that fit my hips and back
gods with broken legs
knees bent back

they were singing to closed doors
to walls of indifference
so I folded your words into small boats
set them afloat

man overboard
man lost
lost at sea
or within me?

torn off, unused
visions and chill
being brave
won't save you from the grave

free ourselves of ourselves
or save our breath
for breathing?

What are you?
To do this to me
I'll eat you whole
in anticipation

I'll tell you
all my truths
and some lies
can't do otherwise
Track Name: A room of my own (live)
I freed
myself of work
I freed
the ties of kin
to be alone

So I'll dance
with myself
So I'll dance
for myself
Track Name: The gospel (live)
There's a story to be told
but who's telling?

Whisper of foreign lands
bring to me
what news you can

Remind me of what i don't know
Remind me i can choose to go

Fight against the fool inside
might be the price we pay for life
hold me close!
what I don't give
is lost

There's a story to be told
but who's telling?
Track Name: In case you forget (live)
The darkest of places
in my gut
the knowledge
of all thats wrong

remember thine end

so this is for
the mothers who wait for their day
and sisters
who do things their own way

this is for
voices uncovered
that won't be heard
and poets on corners who find the words

this is for lovers
who break every rule